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DJ Sanjay

Meet Sanjay Ghataode. We met up during one a BB40 parties in the OC a few months back. Imported directly from Edmonton Alberta, Canada, he has been packing bars and clubs from the OC straight to San Diego for over the past 7 years. We got down with Sanjay with an informal interview, peep it:

Where do you hail from? Originally Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Then Orange County, Down to San Diego for 7 years, now I’m back in Orange County.

How many years have you been behind the tables? I learned when I was between 15-16 years old. Put down my guitar and bought some shitty decks and a crap mixer. Been djing since then, so around 13 years.

If you could be anything in the world, what would that be? Shit, that’s a tough one. I’m pretty happy with what I am doing in my personal life, business life as well as my DJ career. But if you had to twist my arm I’d have to go with Peter’s classic Office Space line “I would relax… I would sit on my ass all day… I would do nothing.” Or I wouldn’t mind being the Indian Kenny G, bet he pulls some undercover-rockstar-ass with tootin that horn like he does.

What artist/groups have had the most influence in the way you make your music? I would say that my biggest influences over the years have been: Donald Glaude, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Dan, The Chemical Brothers, NOFX, A-Trak, The Legendary DJ AM and Olav Basoski. In no particular order.

Hip-hop music and Electronic have collided, where do you see all this going? I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t see this coming years ago. In the early 2000’s we were dropping house music records and mixing hip-hop acapellas over them. Once the mashup/digital dj scene blew up in 07/08 it became much easier for djs to get their hands on pre-produced house tracks with recognizable hip hop vocals over them and from there a lot of hip hop artists began to make original tracks in that fashion. Electronic music beats with pop vocals have been at the top of the pop charts and I don’t really see that going away for a little while. If anything, electronic tracks WITHOUT hip hop vocalists are going to start stealing the mainstream market.

The TRL generation of music videos, artist interviews and getting beat over the head is starting to go away. Most people are finding their music on the internet, and they want new music, quickly. Rock music and Hip Hop can’t keep up with the sheer volume of music that is being released by electronic acts and in this “I want it NOW” society; electronic music truly fits the bill. When it comes to hip hop I really have no idea where it is going to go. Pop music is dance music nowadays, and traditional hip hop is not dance music as it is defined today. It’s all cyclical and I sure hope we will see some solid hip hop sooner than later.

Current mainstream acts must do what they can to stay popular; do you think that many of these acts “steal” original styles from underground DJs? I don’t think it’s as much “stealing” as it is learning. Music that is working in the clubs is keeping artists popular. The artists must have their hands on the pulse of the club scene, without that they will quickly become irrelevant. I don’t know if you can call many djs underground anymore, djing has become a huge part of pop culture as well (DJ Hero, AM) and djs are now the trendsetters for the mainstream music industry. These acts need DJ and producers to be remixing and playing their music to stay relevant.

Overall, in today’s pop music scene, who is killing it? Well, “killing it” depends on who you talk to. But we are talking pop music so let’s talk about your average clubgoer that I see on the dancefloors weekly. LMFAO has been dropping bombs lately. Their most popular track always seems to be one of the best tracks to drop on an open format dance floor. No one is really doing anything cutting edge the formula follows: House beat, female vocalist, rapper, more vocals, big break. So we can put the Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Guetta and Akon into that category. Pop music is pretty bad right now, but you gotta play those jams in big rooms and people love it. Surprisingly some well produced music by artists like Duck Sauce (A-Trak and AVH both LEGENDS), Swedish House Mafia, Wolfgang Gartner and Diplo are going over great with pop music crowds. Those four artists are definitely “killing it” right now in my opinion.

Who do you believe is the most real rapper out there? Who is the most fake rapper? I love the Teflon Don Rick Ross, Kid Cudi and Theophilis London right now. Fake rapper? How about Pitbull and Trey Songz? They fucking suck.

Who would you say is the most over-rated Dj in the game? Pauly D. Have you seen a video of him “mixing”? Pathetic. Nowadays people thing just mixing 2 records at the same tempo is considered djing. Watch a good dj in his element, watch him layer, prepare and execute with ease. There is a huge gap between the crafty veterans and rookie one trick pony djs. A real dj plays every type of music whenever he/she feels it will work, at any venue. And it works.

Who runs the music industry? With all the free music, the fans truly run the industry again.

You want to snipe someone with a link: Two Girls One Cup or Meat Spin? 2 Girls One Cup, easy. So dirty and disturbing yet you can’t take your eyes off the screen until the gag reflex hits you.

You have a bag of magic powder, who do you resurrect: Tupac or Biggie? BIGGIE his shit was unbelievable. Honestly, I’m not a hater but I don’t even see the debate. 2-Pac made A LOT of music but Biggie made GREAT music. Difference. I have a feeling I’m gonna take some shit for that line.

You get a change to hit-it on a first date, do you: Alaskan Pipeline or The Walrus? Ill go with the Walrus. I don’t see it being easy shitting in a condom.

Anything else you want to say? Everyone, you can check me out on Facebook. Also, on my monthly residencies at Side Bar in San Diego, The Ivy Hotel in San Diego and Sanjay Saturdays at Scott’s in Costa Mesa as well as my guest appearances everywhere from San Diego to Chicago. Look out for my 2 new mixes dropping in February as well “Sneaky Good” and the “Page Productions Mixtape Volume 2″. In March I’ll drop a little mix for my friends at BB40. PEACE!

Sneaky Good by DJ Sanjay by thatdjsanjay

Page Productions Promo Mix Oct-10 by thatdjsanjay

Thanks to Sanjay for getting down with BB40 on the subject. Also, mad props to all our BB40 fans who have repped us from day #1, those who where there even before we launched the brand!


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